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April 26 2015


April 25 2015

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April 2014: Dieser Transport-Jet von DHL ist zwar abgehoben – aber nur mit dem Bugrad! Beim Entladen am Airport von
Abu Dhabi (Arabische Emirate) haben die Arbeiter vorn alles leer geräumt, die Ladung im Heck bringt den Flieger aus dem Gleichgewicht
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12 Year Old Dymond Milburn was severely beaten by 3 plainclothes police officers because they thought she was a prostitute. Even though they beat her with a flashlight and caused injuries to her head, spine, throat and ear, the cops charged her with assault.

Sean Stewart, one of the cops involved, later received “Officer of the Year”

Credit: Cop Block


it’s said that this isn’t even surprising… there’s just a feeling of general hopelessness tbh

NO it’s so important you read the article though, because it’s even worse. 

According to a lawsuit filed in federal court in Galveston, Dymond Larae Milburn went outside her home to flip a circuit breaker at about 7:45 p.m. on Aug. 22, 2006.

Responding to a call that three white prostitutes were soliciting in the neighborhood, the plainclothes officers jumped out of an unmarked van on Gomez’s orders and one of them grabbed the girl, who is black, the lawsuit states.

The girl contends that the officers did not identify themselves as police and that the officer who grabbed her, later identified as Roark, told her, “You’re a prostitute. You’re coming with me.”

Her parents heard her cries for help and came outside to see the hysterical girl hanging on to a tree and screaming “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” while two officers hit her about the head, face and throat, the family alleges.

Plainclothes officers. Three adult male strangers jumped out of a van, called a little girl a prostitute, and attempted to drag her away into the van. And then later they charge her with resisting arrest. 

And from this article (I don’t understand why they have that image as a header depicting a scary black man threatening/silencing a crying little white girl when it was a white COP beating on a little black girl but ok)

Officer David Roark had his hand over the mouth of Milburn when her father came out on the balcony after hearing his daughter’s cries for help. The other officers, Justin Popovich and Sean Stewart, beat Dymond’s face, head and throat while their supervisor, Sgt. Gilbert Gomez, watched on in approval.

Dymond’s parents approached the cops and said “That’s our daughter. She’s twelve.” Roark responded “I don’t care if she’s twenty-two, thirty-two, or forty-six.”

and then:

The examining physician found that the girl had injuries from multiple blows to the head, face, neck, lower back, left shoulder, and left hip/waist area. She suffered a contusion to the back of the head (where she was struck with a flashlight). There were abrasions on her arm and wrist. Dymond’s throat was swollen; she had difficulty swallowing, nausea and vomiting, and hoarseness of voice due to being struck in the throat. She had black eyes, scalp lacerations, tenderness of the vertebrae. She was experiencing double vision and loss of hearing. Dymond’s ear drum and nose were also injured (blood in ear, bruised nasal septum, and nose bleed).

After the attack, Dymond suffered from PTSD, nightmares, and an inability to concentrate in school.

When she finally healed enough (physically) to return to school a horrible surprise was waiting for her. Police showed up to Austin Middle School and arrested Dymond for resisting and assaulting a peace officer. A twelve year old girl!

In a blatant disregard of logic and common sense, the court system in Galveston felt these charges were justified and Milburn was actually charged with assault on an officer and tried, twice! After three years and two mistrials, the DA finally dropped her case.

Immediately after her criminal trials, the family filed a civil suit, naming the four officers as plaintiffs. After multiple appeals by officers, including asking the court to dismiss the case based upon qualified immunity, meaning that the officers were just doing their job and are thereby shielded from civil liability, a settlement has yet to have been reached.

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Erupción Calbuco Chile 2015, 2 Timelapse Volcán HD.

Another absolutely incredible image from the volcano eruption in Chile via @lopezdoriga --Adrian Linares
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"Sie haben eine Lücke im Lebenslauf."
- "Ja. War geil."
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Someone needs new pants.
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Campaign to replace the loading circle with this hedgehog
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seems legit
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graphicdesignblg: The Creative Alphabet by Casalta XavierSee...
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April 24 2015

a badass for sure ^^
(but needs to include the RFID transponder)
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