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January 24 2015

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January 20 2015

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January 18 2015

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It turns out that world leaders did not "lead" the #CharlieHebdo marchers in Paris but conducted a photo op on an empty and heavily security-guarded street. The disconnect between ruler and ruled in the modern world can't get any more metaphorical and satirical. via Amro Ali auf Facebook
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January 08 2015



(PDF, 9.63 MB)

The Path to build a SDR
(Metalab Edition)
Talk by Hannes, OE1JHB | http://www.analog.com
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Metaday #69 Sat 2015-01-09, 20:00 (19:30)
lizvlx: Public Intervention: Sinn und Methode
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Learning details about SDR at the Jan. 2015 MetaFunk club evening. Impressive talk with live demo by Hannes, OE1JHB:  The Path to Software Defined Radios
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January 07 2015

--leyrer on Twitter
Fri Jan 9, 20:00 - https://metalab.at/wiki/Metaday_69
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January 01 2015


December 30 2014


MetaFunk Clubabend  am
  Mittwoch, 7.1.2015 um 19:30 Uhr im Metalab

Hannes, OE1JHB:

PS: Gäste sind - wie immer im Metalab - gern willkommen.
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December 29 2014

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--photo by Andreas Binder - more stunning pics

Bahnorama Activation

Upcoming Wednesday, 2014-12-31, 11-13:00 CET (i.e. 10-12:00 UTC)

The 67m high wooden observation tower was erected to allow the general public to peek on the progress (time lapse video) at the large-scale construction site Vienna Main Station. Always intended as a temporary installation, the tower will be dismantled now as the Hauptbahnhof Wien is already in regular operation. New Year's Eve will be the last day to access the Bahnorama tower ("Bahn": German for train).
Some ham radio operators around Gudrun, OE1OMA think it's fun to 'activate' the tower in a (loosely) SOTA-like and social event (tower &co activation was recently proposed by Gregor, OE1GNU) and use the very last occasion.  

Weather forecast for Sylvester says maximum temperature of the day -3/-4°C - but often sunny with lots of blue sky. Good chance for a great panoramic view.

So get your warm clothing, get out of your comfort zone, bring your mobile radio equipment/ cam/ teapot and join us to stair-climb up the observation deck in a height of 40m. There's an elevator though in the last days in intervals it was out of order according to their website. -- Gudrun is wishing a renaissance of Fit durch Funk* activities anyway.. HI

We use the excellent Kahlenberg repeater OE1XUU on 438.950 MHz (R82), -7.6 MHz shift, T-CTCSS: 162.2 Hz for coordination, tune in even if you are not able to attend.

More frequency updates may arise at Gudrun's alert at http://qrz.com/db/OE1OMA

Looking forward. 73

*) local tribal knowledge
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December 27 2014

1. Small individual bias → Large collective bias.
2. The past haunts the present, being unbiased is not enough.
3. Demand diversity near you.
Parable of the Polygons - a playable post on the shape of society
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December 25 2014

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That… actually seems like a really smart idea?

I bet you these dogs used to bark like crazy whenever someone approached the door. Training an animal to stop doing something is way harder than training an animal to start doing something most of the time. So, solution, train the dogs to start doing something like, say, picking up a pillow whenever someone approaches the door, and as a side effect, they don’t bark at the person because (a) they’re distracted searching for the pillow and (b) it’s kind of hard to bark when you’ve got a pillow in your mouth.

that’s seriously brilliant

My parents’ dog has a whole crate of stuffed toys, and he picks one for every visitor. The beagle toy is the default, but he will often dig through the box trying to find the right toy. He often brings me the crocodile which I bought for him, or a large frog. He also has four pigs, and those are for special friends. Only family members are greeted with the biggest toy he has, the Great Pig of Honour.


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Christmas card from my lawyer.
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What happened to soup.io? Sold to Indonesia?
No longer prevalent Polski content?
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